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Sanitation/Production (Turners Falls, MA)

Reliable Temps is looking for a Sanitation Workers, Packers, and Food Production Workers!

Pay: $17-20/hr

Sanitation Description (Night Shift):

Work from orders to prepare for operations. Disassemble equipment to manually clean using the correct supplies. Reassemble machinery and prepare equipment for next shift.

  • Obtain work schedule and daily production paperwork to prepare for operations.
  • Ensure all necessary tools, equipment, supplies and materials are available in staging areas.
  • Lock-Out production equipment, and cover electrical equipment with plastic bags/wrap.
  • Collect waste and other material from floor, disassemble production equipment, conveyors, hoppers and other machinery.
  • Manually pull, scrape, wipe shovel and dump waste into tubs.
  • Rinse conveyor belts, rollers, hoppers, buckets, tubs, etc.
  • Obtain chemicals from storage area fill and prepare foamer, manually apply chemicals to appropriate machinery, tools and equipment.
  • Scrub machinery, tools, and equipment rinse with pressure hose and apply sanitizer, with spray as required.
  • Re-assemble machine parts and equipment, manually dry equipment, replace guards, remove plastic wrap and unlock equipment.

Packaging Description (Day Shift):

Collect indicated products and assemble for packaging line. Examine and set up packaging machinery. Hand pick products into pouches/cartons and monitor weight/quality. Keep work area clean/neat, wiping down machinery after use.

  • Obtain various vegetarian products from staging areas and position pallets, racks, buggies, totes etc to appropriate packaging line.
  • Prepare line and product packaging, load chubbers, remove rods off links from racks feed links to peelers, fill totes/bins with product, break-up frozen product, change film rolls, and assemble machine parts as needed.
  • Hand pick appropriate product into pouches/cartons accourding to work orders, visually monitor and inspect packaging, check weights, wipe seals and remove non-conforming item to rework bins.
  • Keep the work area clear and clean, wipe down the machine and place trash in proper receptacles.
  • At the end of the shift perform general housekeeping, breakdown machine parts for cleaning, weigh unsused film sanitize marinator and secure all equipment.

Food Production Description (Day Shift):

Load buggy with correct ingredients and dump into blender as inidicated. Follow recipe as shown and add other ingredients as needed. Weigh products to verify quality and add liquid ingredients. Fill caser machine and assemble machinery. Monitor the machines progress and make adjustments as needed.

  • Dump bags/boxes of ingredients in to buggy, load full buggies/vats onto hydraulic lift, secure and dump ingredients into blender hopper.
  • Check recipe, set machine controls and start cutter.
  • Receive buggies of blended product to verify contents according to recipe.
  • Manually add bags of soy powder and other ingredients to the buggies.
  • Weigh out liquid ingredients and add to mixture.
  • Fill caser machine with appropriate casing, position empty rack to linker conveyor, obtain barrel of rods and ties.
  • Monitor the stuffing and linking process and make adjustments.
  • Move racks to cookhouse staging area when full.
  • Obtain case of packets, hand pack product into packet and place on trays, stack full trays on bakery rack.
  • Move full racks to staging areas, remove cooked product from oven conveyor and place on tray.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Relevent experience preferred.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Organizational skills
  • Vaccinated